Winter Photobox contest!

1 min readJan 4, 2021

Let’s celebrate the coldest season with a new PhotoBox contest: we will be giving away 5 yellow prize boxes to the players that take vault pictures that best showcase the winter season!

We are talking shots of snowmen, snowy landscapes, frozen lakes, etc. Just make sure to be careful out there, we don’t want you to get frostbite!

Top 5 entries receive a yellow prize box containing $10 USD worth of crypto

How to participate

  1. Find a Vault in a location that showcases the Winter Season! Think snowy landscapes, frozen lakes, snowman etc….
  2. Open the vault until you get a PhotoBox
  3. Put on your photographer hat and take the best picture you can from this location!
  4. Push the picture to Twitter
  5. On January 8th noon PST, we will take a look at all the incoming vault pictures and make a selection of the best 10 that scream winter!
  6. Now the community decides, the 5 tweets with the most likes on Jan 15th noon PST will win a yellow prize box each!

Happy Hunting!