Weekly Twitter Contest!

2 min readJun 7, 2021


Hi Hunters!

This week we will be experimenting with a revamped version of the old photo-box contest! We are calling it the weekly twitter contest and you can win resin and yellow keys!

Here is how it works:

  • Every Monday we will announce the theme of this week’s contest.
  • The goal is to open uservaults (UV’s) that fit this week’s theme until you get a Photobox.
  • Channel your inner photographer and submit the best picture you can take from that UV location to twitter.
  • Show it off to other hunters to get as many likes to your tweet as possible!
  • You can submit your tweet to our Discord for extra visibility (channel #weekly-twitter-contest).
  • Every day at 5pm PDT Tuesday to Friday we will check all the submitted tweets.
  • The one with the highest amounts of likes wins the daily prize: 500 resin!

So we have a daily contest giving away 500 resin every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

But that’s not all!

On Saturday the owner of the UV that received the most likes of the entire week receives a yellow key.

This way hunters that take great pictures get rewarded and hunters that build UV’s on photogenic locations get rewarded as well.

Allrighty……Let’s start RIGHT NOW!

This weeks theme is……. AMAZING VISTAS!

an example of a UV with a view!

If you know a UV location with amazing views, solve it this week until you get a PhotoBox, take a great picture of the view, post it to Discord and try to get as many likes as you can.

Rewards will be given out the next week on Monday. The winners on Tuesday to Friday of the last week will receive 500 resin each! The owner of the UV of the tweet with the most likes of the entire week wins a yellow key. Winners determined at 5pm PDT every day.

Good luck hunters!