Weekly PhotoBox contest!

a PhotoBox

Today we are introducing the weekly PhotoBox contest.

We are giving away one yellow prizebox to the player that uploads the best vault picture each week!

How to participate

  1. Find a Vault in a good location
  2. Open the vault until you get a PhotoBox
  3. Put on your photographer hat and take the best picture you can from this location!
  4. Push the picture to Twitter
  5. Each Friday noon PST the team will choose the best vault picture of the past 7 days and reward the owner with one yellow prizebox containing $15 worth of cryptocurrencies!

What are considered bad pictures?

  1. Pictures that do not show the location (pics of floors or ceilings)
  2. Badly lit or blurry pictures
an example of a bad picture

What are considered good pictures?

  1. Pics that show a good idea of what the vault location looks like
  2. Clear image, good lighting
  3. Selfie’s of happy Coinhunters are always a bonus!
example of a good picture

So show of your photographer skills and earn some extra crypto!