Introducing User Vaults

Hello Coin Hunters!

Even in the earliest concept stages of this game we knew we wanted to have different ways in which hunters can influence the game map. Today we’re super excited to test the first chapter of this vision: User Vaults

a player standing ion front of one of their user vaults

Unlike ordinary vault, user vaults are vaults that can be placed on the map by the players themselves. While hunting, you’ve probably have come across an area and thought to yourself: ooh this would be a great spot for a vault!

Well this is your chance to make that happen.

How can I begin placing User vaults?

  1. Travel to the location where you want to build it
  2. Stand on the exact spot where you’d like it built
  3. Name & lock in the location
  4. Take a picture of the location to show to us why you think this is a great vault location
  5. Add the correct tags to the user vault
  6. Submit for approval
  7. Help out CubieDozer!
  8. Check your monthly earnings!

Let’s take a closer look:

1.Unlocking User Vault slots

use green keys to unlock up to 10 blue user vault slots

2.Travel to the place you want to build

Would people want to take pictures in this location?

If the answer is no, this is probably not a great location for a vault. Let’s look at some examples of where we would love to see user vaults:

Tourist spots

Interesting Urban Art

Beautiful gardens & parks

Breathtaking views

Commercial areas

Food & Drink


Historic sites

3.Stand on the exact spot where you want to build

4.Name & lock in the location

Lock in the location.

5.Take a picture of the location to show to us why you think it’s great.

6.Add the correct tags to the user vault

  • Park
  • Urban Art
  • Nature
  • Commercial
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Drink
  • Historic site
  • Tourist Spot
  • View

You can select up to 3 of the most relevant tags (min 1)

placing a user vault on a sculpture in the park

7.Submit for approval

the flag indicates where your user vault will get built

TIPS to Improve your chances of getting accepted

  • Every city and village, no matter the size, has some hidden gems which people in other cities don’t know about. Show other players where your city’s most interesting spots are!

Taking over existing blue vaults

Approved! Build your User Vault

Fill up the tank!

Help your buddies!

fill it up and watch it kick into action

Filled and ready to go!

Check your monthly earnings!

But that’s not all

Popular user vaults will be crucial to maintaining leaderboard positions.

From your HQ you can tap at each of your user vaults to check its total or latest earnings.

Hopefully this is enough information for you all to start testing out user vaults. We can’t wait to see your submissions. Happy hunting!

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