Fantastic Fountains contest!

The theme for this PhotoBox contest : Fountains!

this is a fantastic fountain

How to participate

  1. Find a Vault in a location with a fantastic Fountain!
  2. Open the vault until you get a PhotoBox
  3. Put on your photographer hat and take the best picture you can from this location!
  4. Push the picture to Twitter
  5. Between Feb 22 and March 5, we will take a look at all the incoming vault pictures and our official twitter account @CoinHuntWorld will like all the tweets that qualify for this contest!
  6. Now it is up to you: every vault location tweet with a like from @CoinHuntWorld and at least 5 other likes, will receive a green key! Make sure you follow @CoinHuntWorld so we can send you a DM in case you win.
  7. But beware! Only the first hunter that tweets a fountain picture of a certain vault location will get the reward for that location. You can’t all send in pictures from the same fountain. Luckily there plenty of fountains out there, so go explore!



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