Changes to Trivia Categories

2 min readAug 1, 2022


Attention Hunters!

Starting today, on the first day of every month we will announce 10 trivia categories. For that month only those 10 categories will be active in the game. This will result in two things:

Improved Happy Hour

Since we’ve expanded our trivia database so much, Happy Hour has become less “happy” as the chance of getting the boosted category became smaller and smaller. With only 10 active categories, Happy Hour will once again be very Happy :D

Mixing up the Trivia Meta game

A nice side effect of this change is that it will prevent the Trivia meta from going stale. Each month’s hunting will feel a little different. Being able to adapt & overcome is a required skill for any hunter, especially in Coin Hunt World!

The trivia set for August

Word Play

As usual with new features, we are eager to get feedback on this change!

Happy Hunting!


Este cambio no aplica a El Salvador. Las categorías potenciadas de trivia en El Salvador continuarán de la misma forma porque solamente hay nueve categorías de trivia traducidas al español en estos momentos.

For more info on the game, check the Coin Hunt World Wiki which features a start guide, tutorials, cubie overviews, blueprint requirements, price tracking for all items, all yellow vault locations, trivia with answers, player pages and so much more!