Boosted Vaults

Hi Coin Hunters!

Today we announce a new feature that will be added to Coin Hunt World : boosted vaults!

What are boosted vaults?

Boosted vaults are regular vaults that are boosted to a higher tier for a short period of time.

During special events boosted vaults will spawn in Coin Hunt World. There is a chance that a yellow or red boosted vault will spawn within a 25 mile radius of you!

If you are within the 25 mile radius, you will receive a notification message inside the game.

As soon as the first player finds AND solves the boosted vault, the countdown begins. For the next 3 hours the boosted vault remain at the boosted tier. Then every 3 hours, the boosted vault will drop one tier until it is back at its normal state.

If no player finds the boosted vault it will disappear after 72 hours.

Where can I find boosted vaults?

Boosted vaults are often found on famous landmarks, hotspots and well known locations. You will not find a boosted vault on a random street corner. Basically, the boosted vault has the highest chance to appear at an iconic location ;-)

Just remember, boosted vaults will appear randomly across the USA & Canada during special events and there is no guarantee that a boosted vault will spawn near you.

I found a Boosted Vault, now what?

They behave just like normal vaults: open them with a key, answer a trivia question and earn crypto!

If you encounter a boosted vault, make sure to bring enough keys because the higher the vault tier, the harder the trivia questions!

Happy Hunting!




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