Hello Hunters!

One year ago the Coin Hunt World Cubieverse looked very different compared to what we have now! We had just opened up the game to Canada and the first Canadian hunters were literally putting on snowshoes to go hunt in the snow! User Vaults did not exist yet so everybody was moaning about getting useless resin from reward boxes. Purple vaults were as mythical as Cthulhu and there was no leprechaun cartel dominating the auction house!

What a year it has been! Massive growth, incredible community building, nail biting leaderboard battles, UV’s popping up everywhere and wild speculations on the road ahead… we sure had a great time!

Let’s take a look back at some of the stats for 2021!

The battle for the leaderboards

He finally did it! Lionlocks won the December leaderboard race! After several top 5 finishes he supercharged himself with the Christmas Spirit and became an unstoppable force in the December leaderboards. Blocboi, who took second place, made sure to give Lionlocks a hard-earned victory.

Congratulations Lionlocks, the Apex Predator of December!

We also saw some new blood in the top 5 with Canadian powerhunter Tyronebiggums, Christmas event expert LittlePenguiy and trivia chief Rubix!

Country Winners

Top Hunter USA = BlocBoi

Top Hunter Canada = LionLocks

Top Hunter UK = Coindemon

Top Hunter El Salvador = Mylordsv

How did you do in December?

Check out the full Global & Country leaderboards on our website: https://coinhunt.world/

Good luck in the battle for January, Hunters!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way!

Opening vaults, solving trivia…..Coin Hunt World is here to stay!

We reached the final event of this year hunters — it’s Christmas time!

The Christmas Event will run from Dec 21 to Jan 1st UTC!

Candy Canes!

The first thing you will notice during the event is that regular vaults and UVs will start dropping Candy…

The battle for the leaderboards

“I am going for it this month!” is what Phyre763 said to himself as soon as the November leaderboards became active. He patiently saved up as much resin, keys and blueprints as he could to prove once and for all that you don’t need to be in California or Vancouver to reach the number one spot. Sure, hunting in Alabama is very different, but with some serious planning, grit and determination he showed it can be done!

Congratulations Phyre763, the Apex Predator of November!

Very honorable mentions go to the hunters next-up on the podium: iSpeakNerd, Westbeachmusic, Calexismojas and Geeya! Great job!

How did you do in November?

Check out the full Global & Country leaderboards on our website: https://coinhunt.world/

Good luck in the battle for December, Hunters!


Co-Founder Coinhunt.world

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