After a very successful launch in Greater London, we are now ready to activate the rest of the UK! We have placed key booths, vaults and printshops all over the UK and will be opening up the map to all Android players in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland tomorrow!

So, UK hunters, keep an eye out for the official announcement, polish your hunting boots, charge your phone, and get ready to stack sats!

Happy Hunting!

September leaderboard winners!

The battle for the leaderboards

September started off with a bang. A big elemental bang to be more precise. The long awaited Elemental Invasion kicked off in September, and instantly the leaderboards started showing hunters who were determined to ace this event. …

Heya Hunters!

Randomizer Blueprints

Today we are launching a brand new type of blueprint called a randomizer blueprint. These blueprints are 1 print only (just like the OG cubie), but the unique part about them is that the output is randomized. The first randomizer blueprint introduced into the game…….. …

Hey-a, Hunters!
Today we are announcing our revamped leaderboard system, with no less than four new leaderboards where you can show off your various Coin Hunt World skills! Let’s take a closer look at each of them!

Hello hunters, we have a new build out. Here are the new features that come with it!

Dark Mode

A heavily requested feature for night hunters: you can now toggle between normal and dark mode in the settings menu.

London beta going live on September 30th!

That’s right UK hunters! You have waited for a long time, but it’s finally happening! We are kicking off our European rollout with a Android beta launch of the Greater London area. …

Hello Hunters! We knew you were all very eager to participate in this event, but oh boy, we did not expect that you would all go this hard! This is was truly a record-breaking event, with so many players participating that we crashed the servers twice due to heavy load…

Hello Hunters!

On September 7 at 00:00 UTC the Elemental Invasion event starts. During the event, lots of special things will start happening in Coin Hunt World. Let’s take a closer look!

Red Boosted Vaults

During the event, in cities that have an operational yellow vault, a random vault somewhere in the city…

The battle for the leaderboards

Another month finished… another gruesome battle has taken place! The usual suspects started to take control of the top 5 when we approached the halfway point, with Hollywood hunter BlocBoi and Vancouver hunter ExcaliburII7 battling for first position. But the closer we got towards the end of the month, the…

Hi Hunters!

Last Monday, we introduced the dynamic trivia rewards system. Over the course of the week, we’ve read hundreds of discord messages and reddit comments with player feedback. Based on that, and the in-game data we gathered, we decided to make the following changes:

  • Adjust the base rewards from…



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